This page summarises events and achievements since La Asociación was set up. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. More pictures are available in the Member´s Only Section

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Achievements below

Apr 25 Olive pruning
Apr 18 Petanque sessions begin
Apr 16 President and Secretary meet to walk Bosque Del Duende and discuss a programme of pre-summer clear-ups
Apr 4 Allen Scofield library
Mar 28 Committee Meeting (26) – Management of reparations, Notice boards and dissemination of information, Urbanisation project, Helping hands, Party in the park, Statutes, M8 Rock face, Letter to Hans Pörtzgen re: Riego, Presentation to Roger Lloyd for his service to La Asociación.
Mar 18 Meeting of committee officers – Management of reparations, Notice board, Membership, Community project, Helping hands, Party in the Park 2010, Statutes, Information to non-members, M8 rock face, Present for Roger Lloyd, Riego water
Mar 7 Allen Scofield library
Mar 3 2nd AGM - Reports from Outgoing and incoming Presidents, Treasurer inc. accounts, Membership, Committee 2010, Resolutions – Fees, statutes, Talks from Deputy chief of Police (Manolo Lopez) and Sñr. Pons.
Feb 28 Outgoing President, President elect and secretary meet to ensure a smooth handover
Feb 7 Opening of the newly named “Allen Scofield Library”
Jan 26 President, Vice President & Secretary attend El Pleno where the Project for reparations of Gata Residencial is passed
Jan 24 Committee Meeting (25) – Riego, amendments for statutes 2010, Allen Schofield Library,
Jan 3 Book Exchange


Achievements below

Dec 13 Committee meeting (24) – Much positive feedback to FAQ sheet. Report on meeting with Sñr Montaño, changed procedures for identifying reps; agree to continue persistent pressure on council for action.
Dec 6 Book Exchange
Dec 4 Meeting with Sñr Pons (Alcaldesa ill) – unfinished houses, Security Guards on Gata Residencial, Reparations and Aval, Adoption, Cedulas,
Nov 1 Book Exchange President and Secretary meet Sñr Montaño to discuss issues of mutual interest.
Oct 25 Committee Meeting (23) – Sñr Montaño and relationship to La Asociación, 224 members, lights, cedulas, adoption, reparations and study , FAQ document prepared by Peter Bayliss & Sally Merrett and circulated to all members, orientation map of Gata Residencial to be prepared by Pepa Simo. Agreed to set up a meeting with the Mayoress and Sñr Pons.
Oct 8 Meeting with the Mayoress & Sñr Pons – The Study, Tendering process, Cedulas, Worsening condition of the urbanisation, Site improvements, Unfinished houses, Riego system, The “legal meeting” and beginning of reparations.
Oct 4 Book Exchange
Sept 20 Committee Meeting (22) – Study and Aval & research into an independent lawyer, 222 Members, Walking treasure hunt postponed due to lack of participants,
Sept 6 Book Exchange
Sept 4 Extraordinary Committee Meeting – Rise in IBI, Appointment of a specialist urbanisation lawyer, Agree an approach to the Mayoress re: issues related to non-adoption of the urbanisation. Following this a survey of comments manzana by manzana was circulated to all members.
Aug 2 Book Exchange
Jul 29 1st test for the treasure Hunt
Jul 26 Committee Meeting (21) - Party in the Park review, Independent urbanisation or not? Security, Study follow-up, state of the site and various related issues, Walking treasure hunt.
Jul 24 Meeting with Hans Pörtzgen
Jul 19 Clear up
Jul 18 3rd Party in the Park – Pig Roast
Jul 12 Gata Gardeners – finish preparation of the Fairy Gardens and picnic afterwards
Jul 8 Meeting at the Town hall
Jul 5 Book Exchange
Jun 28 Gata Gardeners – Clear Fairy Gardens in preparation for Party en el Parque
Jun 19 Meeting with Ayuntamiento personnel to present study to all interested parties. La Asociación provides the translation service.
Jun 14 Committee meeting (20) – Information processed and prepared by La Asociación being circulated to non-members, Party in the Park update, Petanque
Jun 11 President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary meeting with members of the Monte Pedreguer residents’ association to discuss matters of mutual interest
Jun 9 Council send out letters regarding the study and the meeting. La asociación translates letter and offers all members a collection service.
Jun 7 Book Exchange
May 31 Gata Gardeners picnic area make-over and picnic
May 24 Extraordinary committee meeting
May 17 Olive pruning Petanque
May 3 Book Exchange Petanque
Apr 26 Committee Meeting (19) – Addresses an issue, Riego, Party in the Park and clear-up, Website further update, Lights,
Apr 19 Petanque
Apr 15 Study due to be publish and documents available from the council
7 Apr Confirmation of registration for eligibility for grants
Apr 5 Book Exchange
Apr 3 Meeting with Mayoress and Sñr Pons – Study and aval, Riego system, Adoption and maintenance, Cedulas and licences.
Mar 29 Petanque
26 Mar Application sent to Gata Council for registration as a recognised organisation.
Mar 22 Gata Gardeners
Mar 15 Committee Meeting (18) – AGM and positive feedback, concerns over representation, Roles on committee, Membership at 211, To set up meeting with mayoress re: concerns, Riego update, Website improvements
Mar 8 Petanque
Feb 26 1st AGM held in the Social Centre in Gata. – Reports from President, Treasurer inc. accounts, Membership, Committee 2009, Communication, Resolutions – Fees, statutes, addition of membership secretary
Feb 22 Petanque
Feb15 EXtraordinary Committee Meeting - AGM planning, Concerns and agreed action regarding delay of Study and reparations, success of clean-up day acknowledged with much positive feedback from residents.
14 Feb Clean up (2) – Over 120 people turn up to clean rubbish from the site. Over 12 skips, provided by the council, were filled. There followed a BBQ for all participants.
Feb 4 Petanque for all Club established
1 Feb 20 businesses offering discounts on the member´s discount scheme
25 Jan Gata Gardeners make-over path boundaries in Bosque del Duende
Jan 17 Committee Meeting (17) Over 200 members, The study and its date for publication, clean-up day and BBQ, Riego & Hans Pörtzgen.
Jan 9 Sector 13 Meeting with Sñr Pons
1 Jan 211 households registered as members


4 Sept Quiz Night @ Monroe´s
12 Jul Party in the Park
8 Jul Clean-up Squad give the entrance a Gata Residencial Owner´s make-over
2 Jul After countless e-mails, complaints' forms and several meetings with all the committee and other meetings with some with members of its members, the street lighting issue is resolved
Mid June Leigh Patterson and Steve Jobson issue the first list for the Member´s discount scheme
15 Jun Official launch of the Assocation - 95 Households join representing over 200 people
12 Jun Members of M10 & Secretary meet Snr Pons re: use of top yard, riega system, pool cleaning, study and lighting.
27 May Sector 13 meeting
25 May 12th Committee Meeting
22 May Meeting with Snr Pons - President and Secretary - Problems with the Street lighting
18 May Gata Gardeners
4 May Book Exchange
8 May Official Recognition of the Association
29 Apr Sector 13 Meeting - Snr Pons agrees to look at issue of fencing
16 Apr Paperwork for offical recognition submitted
30 Mar 11th Committee Meeting
16 Mar 1st book club - The Book exchange on deposito. Book Xchange gets off to a great start.
14 Mar Committee sub-group meet with Snr Montano regarding Statutes' amendments necessary in order for them to be processed in Alicante.
10 Mar Site meeting by council to assess the dumping.
7 Mar Concerns regarding dumping of rubble on Pedreguer land behind M1B are reported to the council. The police immediately act and all filling is stopped.
4 Mar As a result of Sector 13 meeting Snr Pons makes a site visit with police and architect and acknowledges that there is a problem with some fencing and gabions. It is a positive meeting and Snr Pons praises the Association for trying to work with the council. He shares his concerns and explains the councils position with regard to the urbanisation.
3 Mar 1st meeting with Snr Pons and Sector 13.
25 Feb Following on-going development of the Statutes results in Spanish draft and sub-group of committee meet with Snr Montano to agree the way forward. Council recognised La Asociation de Gata Residencial as the representative body of the urbanisation and designate it as Sector 13.
7 Feb First meeting with the council of representatives from all sectors in Gata de Gorgos is postponed by the council until a single rep has been identified from each area.
6 Feb Feedback received from Ministerio Fiscal De Menores in Alicante re: The incidents in the park areas.
5 Feb Committee approach builders regarding nuisance. Builders agreed to take action to address issues.
28 Jan Issues with Connecting Plus resolved a protocol in case of further problems is posted on GONG
27 Jan Committee review 4th Draft of Statutes (Constitution)


28 Dec Serious vandalism incidents reported to Police
10 Dec First draft of Constitution reviewed.
19 Nov Launch of Gata Asociación website
13 Nov Public Council Meeting with Antonio Pons
20 Nov Reporting of problems to Connecting Plus
10 Nov The Great Gata Cleanup day and BBQ. 150 people get together to make a difference and enjoy a BBQ together. We all bring picnic and dance the night away in spite of the rain
21 May Decision to formalise the residents’ committee
4 Nov Officers officially elected
24 Aug Party in the Park - Jardín de Las Hadas
05 May Pre election meeting with PP party
12 Apr Meeting with Jubesa 2000
21 Feb Meeting with (PSOE) Gata Alcalde
11 Feb Start of routine translation of minutes etc into Spanish
06 Feb Meeting with manager of Caixa Catalunya bank in Denia


15 Dec Formal complaint to Valencia Ombudsman regarding water charges
12 Dec Letter to Jubesa 2000 rejecting their letter to all residents
10 Dec Manzana reps established for communication with all residents
09 Dec Meeting with Aquagest
26 Nov First committee meeting
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