Gardens @ Gata

On Gata Residencial each and every garden is different. Few have entirely flat plots and each has its own challenge. Here are a few pictures to show how diverse the gardens are, and how each in its own way has enhanced Gata Residencial.

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Garden 1 - An Oriental Theme - John & Audrey Preston

This Garden has an oriental tea house made from a reconstructed carport. It has a striking bonsai tree and a dry river bed with a bamboo water feature. John & Audrey used a number of stones which have been strategically and symbolically placed in the garden.

Garden 2 - A tranquil Vantage point Yvonne & Bill Crompton

This gem of a garden has a very tranquil feel. Here Bill & Yvonne have created several quiet places to sit. From the double seat you can contemplate the sunrise over Montgo in the morning or its changing colours of sunset.
The use of different coloured gravel sections the garden into different areas. This is also done by the use of a wrought iron archway and an abundance of well-chosen shrubs.

Garden 3 - A Hidden Gem Brian & Sylvia Fielding

Brian and Sylvia have created a beautiful rockery under their carport. In doing so they utilised a huge boulder that would have been difficult to remove, provided a home for shade loving plants and created a gardening gem from an awkward situation.
The second problem they were faced with was a "garden drop". Here they have created an oasis using paving slabs, a pergola and a variety of shrubs with some feature palms.
The whole garden is completed by some strategically placed and colourful hanging baskets.

Garden 4 - Tropical Island in Spain Diane & Brian Manser

Until you enter this garden, it is impossible to see all the plants and trees.

The use of statues in the main garden create a "tropical island feel". This is echoed by the use of many hanging and trailing shrubs.
Although this is a year-round garden it is especially beautiful in the summer when it is a riot of strong colour.

Garden 5 - Dry River bed Jean & Tom Miller

There are many beautiful areas and plants in Jean and Tom's garden but a special feature is the dry river bed. Each stone and pebble have been physically lifted and carefully placed.
It has been interplanted with native flowers. This picture was taken in spring when the pale blue flowers were at their best.

Garden 6 - Designed for ease of Maintenance Mavis and Dave Evans

This garden has been cleverly designed to help with the maintenance of the garden. A series of gravelled pathways have been used to enable access to all the beds.
It is a garden filled with interesting plants, mainly shrubs. Small cuttings have been lovingly tended. In the three or so years since this garden was a bare plot it has become a wonderfully mature garden with some specimen plants.

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