Builder´s Promises

Dear Sirs

After receiving the letter of complaint and after the meeting we would like to record that the builder as a promoter undertakes the responsibility of the following activities:

Each Friday to machine clean the area. Initially it will be with an irrigation machine with non-potable water in order to dampen the streets and after they will machine clean (with brushes) in order to clear the area of fine dust and leave them clean and [1]shovel/ spade by the end of the week.

About the excessive vehicle speeds in the urbanization, we will give an explanatory note to all contractors and sub-contactors, that the maximum speed should be 30 Km/h.

In addition the ayuntamiento will be asked to put 6 traffic signals clearly indicating that heavy vehicles speed in 30 Km/h.

About the inconsiderate use of private parking spaces, we will give an order to the bosses of the contractors and sub-contractors that all those under their charge will undertake not to park in private parking spaces. They will also be given the phone number of the local police to call municipal grua whenever a vehicle is parked in a private zone.

About the matter of [2] discharging rubble in public areas, orders have been issued that they are going to clean up the areas that they have tipped onto.

We facilitated communication with the Gata Residents’ Association and the town hall by way of a fax number. This means that we will be notified of any large scale discharge that our operators have been unable to detect.

About the noise caused by the geography of the land, we will try and maximize the works while minimizing the noise. But because of the morphology of the land they have to use big hammer machines in order to do the work but this is dependent upon the type of technical work involved.

METROPOLITANA as the constructor of works will carry out sanitation work and the cleaning of the same as soon as possible.

I hope that this letter clears up any doubts that you can have about all the issues expressed. We take this opportunity to greet you. Yours faithfully.

[1] Espadita is it from espaditar and if so what does it mean?

[2] Runas - is this equivalent to escombros / rubble

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