First Report - April 2002

What I did on my Holidays

Jacqui and Peter Bayliss went to the Costa Blanca on 9th April, a little apprehensive after reading about downpours and gale-force winds that caused millions of Euros worth of damage throughout the Costa Blanca.

Two lives were claimed by flash floods in the Marina Alta area in the previous weeks.


We were rather hoping to see the Rio Gorgos in full flood but despite the heavy rain the river bed was dry as a bone, although we did manage to find this puddle after a heavy downpour.(Apparently the river was actually full during the flash floods).

The first week was cool with some rare storms but by the time we left on the 23rd April the sun had come out and it was very warm and went home with a bit more colour than when we arrived.

Whilst we were there we explored the area a bit more and bought ourselves a Spanish mobile and started to look at cars and furniture etc.


We had hoped that the Piloto (Show House) would be completed so we could see their choice of tiles and wood finish before we selected ours.
However the floors and walls had just been tiled and the exterior painted. When we arrived they were about to complete painting the interior walls and just started to install the windows, WCs and baths. The doors, wardrobes, bathroom fittings, and kitchen units had yet to be installed.
The latest images give an impression of the latest state although the pictures are rather bland due to the lack of fittings etc.

Whilst we were there the swimming pool had the concrete poured and will be tiled with small mosaic tiles.

Villa Alfar - latest update

Jubessa 2000 is continuing to make small but significant improvements to the design.

The main change of course is that the master bedroom is being extended by almost 4m2, eliminating the small roof to the left of the main entrance. Extra shelves will be installed in the alcove extension next to the rear of the wardrobe.


There will also be a small window next to the entrance door, which will add light to the hallway. In the utility room an extra electrical socket will be installed in the alcove next to the doors. See the revised layout on the right (the extra area is shaded yellow).

Site Progress

Development is still planned to meet the scheduled dates but the rain this year has affected progress and consequently there may be some delays.
All the ground in the first phase has now been levelled (see the images) and the drainage etc infrastructure installed.

The foundations for the first villas in phase M2 had been started when we left.

The pictures give some idea of the progress but again the images lack features of interest.

A 'substation' has been built to connect the services (electricity, telephone etc) to Gata.
Well Head


The well head for the water supply is now in operation.

220 Villas on the development have been sold so far and the detached villas on the next phase are currently selling for 47Mill Pesatas. They have opened up the third phase for sale and they are already going fast.

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