Google facilities for La Asociación Members

OK so i´ve created a password to get in to the members site. What now?

What you have done is to create a Google account with a username = your mail address and a password selected by you. Dont forget the password - you can use it for the other Google services below. Just go to the web pages indicated and follow the instructions. Hint - if you ask your browser to remember your username and password it will save typing it in again.

Google Sites.

The web pages are restricted to members of La Asociación only.

Google Mail (aka GMail).

Although I would strongly recommend everyone to have a GMail account, it is not mandatory if you have a Google account - just ignore the prompts from Google suggesting that you set up a mail account.

Google Groups.

You have been registered for the La Asociación Google group. The web page for access to this group is You can post messages to other members of La Asociación, create pages to be viewed by other members of La Asociación, and decide whether you want to receive messages by individual email, daily digest or not at all. The group is moderated. No personal abuse or commercial advertising is allowed.


You can create your own Blog at and select your language. Let me know if you want a link to your Blog page from the Members Website. We can also add a link to your Facebook etc pages or website.


You can share your photos with whoever you choose using Picassa. If you have photos of interest to other members please upload and publish them and send us the link. Similarly videos via Utube.


You can store Office type documents on-line and share them with whoever you choose.


You can have a personal calendar with reminders. Your calendar can also include the:

La Asociación events.

Ask us for this if required.

In addition to the above there are many other Google products most of which do not require you to log in. See for example and google mail videos.

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