Instancia Template

Template for Instancia regarding non-issue of cedulas

Following the recent Committee meeting of the Association (see minutes for details) it was agreed that

a) The Association shall write to the council regarding the concerns' of the residents on the general matter of the bail bond, delays in receiving the urbanization and the delay in issuing cedulas.

b) Individuals who have not yet received their cedulas (habitation certificate) are advised that their best course of action is to follow the procedure below:

1. Have your NIE number handy as you will be asked to fill it in.

2. Go to the ayuntamiento and ask for “un formulario que se llama “Instancia General”.

3. Fill it in using the words which you can use to explain your complaint and what you require to be done. Fill in either statement marked * or **. You will see a translation underneath.

Como residente de Gata Residencial M ¿? Casa ¿? Quiero saber por qué todavía no he recibido mi cedula de habitabilidad.

* Mi casa fue inspeccionada ¿? (el día / hace un mes/dos meses etc)

** Mi casa todavía no ha sido inspeccionada. Por favor, quisiera

una fecha cuando voy a ser inspeccionados.

Les pido por favor una explicación por escrito de las razones del retraso y también quiero que me faciliten cualquier información sobre cuando podré recibir mi cedula.

As a resident of Gata Residential M number House number I want to know why I still have not received my cedula. (Habitation certificate.)

  • My house was inspected on state ( day /a month ago / two months ago.)

** My house has not yet been inspected. I would like a date when I will be inspected.
I am writing to ask for a written explanation of the reasons for the delay and also provide me any information on when I received my cedula, please.

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