President to Sñr Pons 27may08

Adoption of Gata Residencial & Cedulas - President to Sñr Pons

Dear Sñr Pons

Adoption of Gata Residencial and the issuing of Cedulas

Following our recent committee meeting, I write on behalf of the association to express concern that the urbanization has not yet been adopted. This has lead to problems such as the recent situation relating to the payment for street lighting and the fact that the process of issuing cedulas has stopped.

At our first Sector 13 meeting, we were led to believe that inspections would continue and paperwork prepared so that cedulas could be issued speedily once the urbanization was adopted. However, from feedback through our committee no inspections have taken place recently and no cedulas have been issued since last year.

We are pleased that we have been given assurances that the street lighting will be turned on again. We note that up to today they are still off. However, we write to express concern that the council have stated that they will be using money from the aval to cover the electricity bills. We believe that this money should be used to rectify problems and complete unfinished works on the urbanization. Our concern is that it may be insufficient to cover all the essential works that need to be done and we ask for an assurance that any short fall will be covered.

We urge the council to:

a) Recommence the programme of inspections with a view to issuing the cedulas as a matter of urgency.

b) Provide services which are already being paid for by residents’ IBI payments. These services to include street lighting, maintenance of the gardens and street cleaning.

Rest assured our aim is to work with you and the council to resolve these matters at the earliest opportunity.

Yours faithfully

Roger Lloyd



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