Letter to the Ombudsman from the Alcaldesa

Dear Madam

Having received in the municipal buildings on 17th August 2007 your resolution dated 9th August 2007 (registered 09634) in relation to the complaint no. 061695 made by Mr. Roger Lloyd, inhabitant of Gata de Gorgos, relating to the absence of a response in respect of the allegations raised. I, as mayoress give the following responses:

1. That, as a result of the municipal regional elections held on May 27 2007, there was a change in the mayor of this county, which meant that we were not aware of the complaints raised earlier having taken over the running from this date.

2. That, however, after reviewing the record in connection with requests made by the Syndicate the documents original are considered correct, and they are sufficient to justify the inadmissibility of the complaint filed by Roger Lloyd according to the background and documents provided as detailed below in this manner:

a. The management of the service supply of drinking water at home in the municipality of Gata de Gorgos has been supplied by the company Aquagest Levante SA, since September 11, 2001.

2. On 20 2007, Jose Luis Andres Martinez, manager of the company Aquagest Levante SA issued a report, which breaks down the amount of service tariffs for drinking water, detailing the mathematical formula that determines the same, and justifies the price difference arising and outlines unique characteristics regarding the supply of drinking water from Roger Lloyd’s area as opposed to the water supply in the town, as stated in the documentation submitted to the Sindicatura dated 21 February 2007.
3. The revision of the water supply rates in the town of Gata de Gorgos were submitted for approval to the Ministry of Enterprise, University and Science dated February 9, 2007, which in [1]Expte. 188039/012007 determined that it conformed to the formula adopted by llmo[2] revision. Director General of Trade and Industry on July 19, 2005, also stated this in the documentation submitted to The Syndicate dated February 21, 2007.

3. That all the above, fully justify the difference in prices that are the object of the complaint is reflected in the accompanying documentation which refers to the Sindicatura. I leave at your disposal as to how much other additional information it deems necessary in order to clarify the complaint.

Being at your disposal,

The mayoress / presidente

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