Membership Procedures

This procedures describes the membership procedure to meet the requirements of the statutes.

1. Fill in a form:

Complete the application form available from :

  • The webpage link
  • The membership secretary
  • Your representative

Note that:

  • Membership is per household.
  • Membership runs from January to December.
  • Membership fees are set at the AGM which is held in February. The joining fee is 10€, for 2012 the annual fee is gratis.
  • Membership renewal fees become due immediately after the AGM. Members who are not in residence at this time, should contact the membership secretary moc.liamg|noicaicosaseratag#moc.liamg|noicaicosaseratag   to indicate when they will be in residence and therefore able to pay.

2. Hand the application form and fees to one of:

  • The Treasurer. Paul Elvey. c/ Tarongers 51 (M9), or
  • The Membership Secretary- Peter Bayliss. c/ Tarongers 76 (M2) , or
  • Your M Representative. Look here for a list of Reps

3. The membership Secretary will process your application:

  1. Your detail will go on our database. It is important that your details are accurate and legible. We endeavour to be accurate but please notify us immediately if you become aware that your details are incorrect or if your circumstances change.
  2. You will be sent an email to confirm your email address. It is important that you respond to this to ensure that our circulation lists are accurate.
  3. A membership card will be issued TO THE HOUSEHOLD in the name of the NOMINATED MEMBER.
  4. On request, the Treasurer or Membership Secretary will issue a receipt for payment
  5. In order to access the Member's only section and the Members forum, you will need to set up an account (GOOGLE). Instructions are on the website how to do this. Any problems should be referred to the Membership secretary, in the first instance. moc.liamg|noicaicosaseratag#moc.liamg|noicaicosaseratag

4. Rights and Responsibilities of Members

  • La Asociacion is run on democratic lines. 
  • Any suggestions, concerns or comments, should in the first instance be channelled through the manzana representative.
  • Should the manzana be unrepresented, then contact should be made through the secretary. moc.liamg|noicaicosaseratag#moc.liamg|noicaicosaseratag
  • Members are expected to abide by democratically reached decisions.

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