Payment by Bank

Membership payments are due on joining and annual fees on 1st January of each year.

Obviously what the committee really want to be doing is the “good work” of La Asociación rather than chasing subscriptions so we ask you to help us by paying your subscription of 10€ in one of the following ways:

  • To your representative.
  • To Peter Bayliss, Membership Secretary C/ Tarongers 76
  • By bank transfer from your Spanish bank to our Sabadell bank account in the name of “La Asoc de Gata Residencial” , account number 0081-1182-89-0001066908, giving your name as “concepto” or reference and selecting charges to be paid by sender or to be shared. Note that your bank may make a charge for this transfer. (e.g. for Caixa Catalunya home banking: Transfers| To Other Entities | Transfer | Details of beneficiary: 0081 1182 89 0001066908 , La Asoc de Gata Residencial, membership yourname | Notice to the recipient: moc.liamg|noicaicosaseratag#moc.liamg|noicaicosaseratag. This will cost 2.50€)
  • By European IBAN transfer from your non-Spanish bank to our Sabadell bank account in the name of “La Asoc de Gata Residencial” , IBAN number ES17 0081 1182 8900 0106 6908 , giving your name as “concepto” or reference. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SPECIFY THAT BANK CHARGES ARE TO BE PAID BY THE SENDER.

In line with the Statutes of the association, members who have not paid their subscription on time may be removed from the membership list and will incur a joining fee if they wish to rejoin.

Receipt of Payment will be confirmed by email and receipt of the membership card for the current year and confirmation on the Member Status page.

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