Advice On Security

In The House

  • If you have just purchased your house it is a good idea to change the locks.
  • Can you account for all the original keys and can you be sure there are no copies anywhere?
  • For all locks where the key goes in horizontally you should have 5 original keys and where the key goes in vertically you should have 3 original keys. If you cannot account for these, then someone else somewhere has them.
  • During long absences arrange for a friend or neighbour to remove correspondence from your mailbox. Also have they got a key for your property to do regular checks?
  • Avoid making it public that you are going away for a weekend or holiday.
  • If you have an alarm, make sure you tell the alarm company that monitors it where they can contact the key holder to disable it if it goes off. If you don't have an alarm have you considered having one installed?
  • If you have an answering machine do not leave a message saying that you are away or out of the house on certain days.
  • Have you got adequate security on your windows and persianas? Make sure all windows and doors are locked and blinds lowered, even if you live in an apartment.
  • For doors without external handles (you use the key to get in) then ensure you lock them when leaving. It is not sufficient to just close the door.
  • If you live in a gated or door controlled community, try not to open the main entrance to unknown people. They could put the security of others in the community at risk. Also ensure the gate/door is locked when you leave or arrive.
  • When in the house keep doors that are open to a minimum, this restricts the opportunity for entry to your house whilst you are inside.
  • Don't leave keys in doors; this reduces escape routes for intruders as well as minimising the chances of you locking yourselves out.
  • Where possible fit night bolts to your doors and make sure you use them!
  • If you have valuables then put them in a safe. If you don't have one do you need one?
  • Do not allow beggars, salespeople or other unidentified people into the house.
  • Request identification of all trades people calling at your house (if in doubt contact their company) before allowing them into your home.
  • Ensure that garage doors are closed when leaving and gates are locked. This also applies when in the house.
  • If any work is being done outside the house take care that no unauthorised person can gain entry to your home by means of scaffolding or ladders
  • If you Observe any unknown person around your home, its grounds of in the vicinity that appears suspicious do not hesitate to call the police or your security company.
  • List all electrical equipment that you have (TV's, Hi Fi's, Computers etc etc) write down the serial number, make and model. It is possible to mark these
  • with your NIE or Passport number. In the event of robbery, this would aid the police in recovery.
  • Photograph all objects of value (jewellery, paintings etc) with your NIE or Passport beside it.
  • In the event of robbery, do not touch anything and contact the police immediately.
  • Try not to carry your keys with any identification of where you live.

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