TV and Radio listings for Satellite & Swiss Cable

Live internet TV

(via Proxy IP)


The TV Guide UK website above will give you an overview of what is on at any time. You will have to set up the channel list once on your PC then you can go back and use it time and again. The setup instruction are given below for the current Swiss Cable line up but you can select the channels for any other satellite setup.

Initial setup

From your browser go to the following website
In the blue box on the lhs Customise TV Guide .
Select UK TV Region = East-ITV Anglia
Select TV Provider = Freesat
Press Select Channels
Scroll down this page and press all the buttons marked Clear All
Tick the following boxes

* BBC1 East
* BBC2 Wales
* ITV1 Channel
* Channel 4
* Five
* ITV2
* ITV3
* ITV4
* E4
* More 4
* fiver
* BBC Entertainment
* Scyfy
* CBS Drama
* CBS Action


* Sky Movies Premiere
* True Movies
* True Movies 2
* Movies4Men
* Movies4Men2


* Sky Sports 1
* Sky Sports 2
* Eurosport
* Extreme Sports



Under KIDS

* CBeebies
* The Disney Channel

Click Save my Settings

Subsequent usage

If you want to check if there is anything worthwhile watching in your program list, just click on the Timeline link at the top of this page.

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