What Do I Get ?

Membership of La Asociación is entirely voluntary. However much of the work done by La Asociación benefits all owners and residents.

We want members who share our aims of making Gata Residencial a better place to live or to have a second home.

The more members we have, the greater weight we can influence when negotiating with the authorities and utility organisations for example.

We need volunteers to help with coordinating communications, organising social events and helping members to deal with residency issues.

If you just want to participate in the social events and enjoy the benefits of membership that’s fine as well.

All we ask is a commitment to support our (non-profit making) organisation financially by paying an initial joining fee of ten Euros and the subscription for the calendar year if applicable.

If you need to ask the question “What do I get for my ten Euros?” the answer could be summarised briefly as follows:

You get the right to:

  • Participate in the social events organised by La Asociación
  • Participate in the internet forum for sharing information
  • Benefit from discounts arranged for La Asociación
  • Be informed about discussions such as those with the council relating to the legalisation of the site and houses
  • Have your views represented in committee meetings of La Asociación
  • Vote in the General Meetings of La Asociación, and
  • Support the activities of La Asociación in general.

Contact your Representative for more details.

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